Audience reports in GA

Audience reports are located under Audience in the left-hand navigation of your Google Analytics portal. These reports can help you better understand the characteristics of your users. This can include what countries they’re in, what languages they speak, and the technology they use to access your site. But it can also include data like age … Continue reading “Audience reports in GA”

Understanding Google Analytics dashboards and shortcuts

Not all metrics are useful to everyone. Luckily, it is very easy to create custom metrics that are more useful to your business. One can use dashboards and shortcuts to quickly find these metrics without having to navigate to a specific report. Dashboards are very flexible and can be used for many different purposes. For example, you could create … Continue reading “Understanding Google Analytics dashboards and shortcuts”

Getting most out of Google Analytics

In marketing, there is a concept of a purchase funnel. A basic purchase funnel includes the following steps: Acquisition involves telling people about your product/service and getting potential customers interested Behavior is when people engage with your company website, ads, social accounts etc. Conversion is when some of these people become customers by using your service or buying your product All of … Continue reading “Getting most out of Google Analytics”

Conversion Optimization – Smart Moves to Sell More

A lot of businesses focus on getting traffic to their website, but fail to get the most out of it once it gets there. Optimizing conversions is about making every dollar of your marketing budget count, by maximizing the value you get from each site visitor. Put another way, if you’re failing to pay attention … Continue reading “Conversion Optimization – Smart Moves to Sell More”

Please provide a openstreet API key

Recently, I have been using OpenStreetMap for some of my R projects and ran into a peculiar issue. Just as a background, I have been playing around with the R package  Nominatim and wanted to do some plotting using R. I kept on getting this error – Please provide a openstreet API key. Turns out that Nominatim uses the … Continue reading “Please provide a openstreet API key”