AdWords – High Visibility and Rapid Results

With so much competition out there, any new brand has a fight on its hands to get established. But these days getting brand awareness is a lot easier than it used to be, thanks to Google AdWords.

Rolling out a new campaign no longer involves hit and miss advertising in newspapers, billboards or expensive mailshots, followed by a long anxious wait to see if you’ve got your message right or hit your target audience.

With just a credit card and an AdWords Pay-Per-Click account you can raise your brand’s profile almost overnight. And if the first try doesn’t hit home…. next day you give it a few tweaks and try again. Rapid and extremely flexible, AdWords is a potent marketing force.

Precision targeting anyone can achieve

The great advantage of AdWords is that people are far too busy to waste time with random clicks on adverts they don’t have any interest in. So they’re only going to click on your ad if it’s relevant to them.

This makes it easy to reach people with an interest in what you’re selling.

And with a little common sense and basic keyword research, it’s simple to refine your campaign quickly and with great precision. Most AdWords users soon find a clutch of keywords that perform well for them. And once Google has got the measure of what your campaign’s about, it even suggests new keywords that are relevant and can increase your traffic. 

An important knock-on effect of all this precision is that you can run your Pay-Per-Click campaign at a far lower cost than almost any other advertising channel, because a far lower percentage of your budget ends up being wasted.

Speed and flexibility

AdWords isn’t just good for getting sales, because you can send your traffic to any of your landing pages (or even divide it between them, or switch it around from one campaign to another) all at the click of a mouse. Which means you can use it to build email lists, run split tests for conversion optimization, try out different calls to action, or pretty much any other purpose that you want traffic for.

Building your brand

AdWords is also cost effective and quick to use when you’re looking to establish awareness of your brand in your target audience’s mind.

Rather than choosing Pay-Per-Click, a better choice for brand awareness is the Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions option. Here you pay a certain amount each time your ad is displayed. Again, you have control over the targeting, so you know your money is being spent on people who’re interested in the message you’re sending.

Dig deeper with Google Analytics

And to top it all off, AdWords is a truly versatile tool that links with Google Analytics to tell you a host of useful data about the traffic you’re getting. That means that even when people don’t buy, you can often find useful information that helps you refine your targeting.

Just as importantly, if you have the right tracking snippets in place you can tell exactly who does go on to buy, and find out your customers really are.

Get your business up and running fast

For speed of traffic, rapid response to changes, and sheer flexibility, AdWords is a terrific tool that gets your business up and running in no time.