Conversion Optimization – Smart Moves to Sell More

A lot of businesses focus on getting traffic to their website, but fail to get the most out of it once it gets there. Optimizing conversions is about making every dollar of your marketing budget count, by maximizing the value you get from each site visitor.

Put another way, if you’re failing to pay attention to conversion optimization, you’re likely to be pouring a substantial part of your marketing budget down the drain.

More for less

The conversion rate for your website is the number of people out of a hundred who do what you want. It could be buy, sign up to your email list, download an e-book, or whatever your calls to action are aiming for.

So, the more you can raise the number of people out of a hundred to convert, the more benefit you will get from each marketing dollar. And the more customers or leads you get from each dollar, the lower your cost-per-acquisition figure.

In fact it’s not usual for conversion optimization to get you more conversions from a smaller marketing budget, because there’s often huge scope for improvement.

Not just leaner… but fitter too

There’s also a deeper reason for optimizing your conversions that goes beyond ‘just’ saving money. Because poor conversions on your website are a sign that something is wrong with your marketing.

It could be that you’re attracting the wrong sort of site visitors. It could be that your audience and your message are out of sync. It could be that your message is failing to engage your readers.

Whatever’s wrong, if your website visitors aren’t enjoying the content you’re offering them, you need to find a way to change your content to suit their needs.

‘A great user experience’ hasn’t become a buzz phrase by accident – great user experiences are what keep website visitors returning, and encourages them to buy.

So a website with high conversions is both leaner and fitter. And that means more profitable.

Making it easy

A high conversion rate is a sign that your visitors are speeding through your sales funnel, and reaching your call to action ready and eager to convert. In other words, you’re making it easy for them to do achieve your goal.

It means your copy is clear and convincing, and is getting your message across.

It means your sign-up forms are short and to the point, without bogging readers down with lots of pointless questions they don’t want to answer.

It means you’ve got great graphics that are relevant and compelling.

And it means that it’s easy for your visitors to find their way around, so they quickly get to the stuff that interests them.

If you’re not getting great conversions, these are the areas you need to look at.

No website is ever going to be perfect, and even a great conversion rate can always be improved. So take the time once in a while to check your conversions. If they’re sagging, start thinking about why.

[ In the next blog we’ll look in more detail at strategies to raise your conversions.]


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