Please provide a openstreet API key

Recently, I have been using OpenStreetMap for some of my R projects and ran into a peculiar issue.

Just as a background, I have been playing around with the R package  Nominatim and wanted to do some plotting using R. I kept on getting this error – Please provide a openstreet API key.

Turns out that Nominatim uses the MapQuest Nominatim API and that Nominatim has a usage policy which allows some requests for creative and unexpected uses. Basically, you access the openstreetmap API, for which you need a valid API key.

Install the package:


Invoke the package in R


You can get the API key for free at

If you do not use an API key, you will get an error – “Please provide a openstreet API key”

Use the openstreet key in your R code like this:

reverse_geocode_coords(lat = 35.65858, lon = 139.74545, key =“PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE”)

Or in a vector:

osm_geocode(c("1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington, DC.","1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA", "Seattle, Washington"), key ="PUT_YOUR_KEY_HERE")

There are so many amazing things that you can do with this package:

address_lookup: Lookup the address of one or multiple OSM objects
osm_geocode: Search for places by address
osm_search: Search for places
osm_search_spatial: Search for places'
reverse_geocode_coords: Reverse geocode based on lat/lon
reverse_geocode_osm: Reverse geocode based on OSM Type & Id
bb_lookup: Bounding box (and other metadata) lookup

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