Using Social Media to Spread the Word

Social media is a great way to tell the world about your brand. But there’s a huge difference between social media posts and the content you put on your website. Understanding that difference is the key to getting the most out this powerful marketing tool.

Slow burn marketing

Your website is a vast space waiting to be filled with useful and engaging content that gets your visitors to convert. But social media users don’t want long, detailed reads, they want short, snappy bites.

And they’re not interested in buying anything right now, they’re after entertainment, advice, and helpful tips that solve their problems.

So rule number one – never try to sell directly through social media. Instead, use social media to establish brand presence, trust, and credibility. These are the values that will build your brand long term.

Obviously sales are your ultimate goal. The way to get them is by establishing your brand’s presence and likeability, then linking to your website, so your new fans know where to go when the time comes to buy.

People buy brands they trust

Trust is a crucial element in any decision to buy. And the reason social media is such a great way to build trust is that it allows you to prove that your brand genuinely wants to help customers solve their problems.

No one likes brands that are cynical and exploitative. But everyone loves ones that go out of their way to be accessible, friendly and helpful. Advice, useful information, problem solving tips…. these all help demonstrate that you’re interested in more than making a quick buck. They build relationships. And relationships engender trust. 

Brand advocates

The gold standard for your brand’s social media campaign is to turn your strongest supporters into committed advocates for your brand. ‘Brand advocates’ in the sense that they’ll go out there and tell their friends how great you are.

No marketing is more powerful or genuine than endorsements given when people speak to  family or friends. When they recount their own experiences with your brand in glowing terms, their words are accepted at face value and trust in your brand rises.

And when they do it online where hundreds or thousands of people can see, the effect is a powerful boost to your credibility that’s hard to achieve any other way.

Show you’re the best – without shouting about it

Another strategy to increase trust in your brand is to show that you really know your way around the science of your subject. Rather than pushing noisy slogans that claim you’re a market leader, use a soft sell approach. Help people with their technical issues or post informative background information that’s genuinely interesting. That way they’ll associate your brand with expertise.

A great way is to tell the story behind your brand, mixing the human side of it with the technology. How the idea for your latest product came out of your elderly mother’s struggle for independent living; or how your kids found the old version of your product too complicated, so you found a brilliant way to simplify it…

Don’t try to sell anything – just tell a great story that catches the imagination. And subtly, in the background, you’ll establish that your company is run by real people with problems just like your customers’.

And that it has the expertise to solve those problems.

By keeping it understated you won’t offend anyone. And while you entertain your public, they’ll also take in the message that you’re the real deal when it comes to technological knowhow within your field.